Do’s and Don’ts


  • Please keep your card safely
  • Please collect your cash immediately from the cash slot when cash is presented and count it. As per RBI mandate there is no cash retraction facility at this ATM
  • In case of any cash discrepancy or failed transaction, immediately contact the bank where your account is maintained
  • Remember your pin. In case you forget your pin contact the bank immediately
  • Keep changing the pin frequently for additional security
  • In case of loss of card call the bank immediately and have it blocked to prevent misuse
  • Be vigilant while keying in the pin. Preferably shield the keypad


  • Do not expose card to magnetic items
  • Do not disclose your pin to anyone
  • Do not leave your card or machine unattended during use
  • Do not leave cash unattended
  • Do not entrust cash withdrawals to other people
  • Do not seek help from strangers for using the ATM


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