Wells Fargo says it will allow customers to use their smartphones to conduct automated teller machine transactions starting next year. The move comes as banks everywhere are under pressure to enhance their mobile offerings as more customers are doing their banking on smartphones

Your ATM card isn’t yet obsolete, but it may be getting there.

As more consumers rely on their smartphones for banking, lenders are introducing technology that will allow you to conduct an ATM transaction with your phone – eliminating the need to swipe plastic.

On Wednesday, San Francisco-based Wells Fargo became the latest bank to announce plans for such technology. Customers will be able to start a transaction, such as withdrawing cash, on their phone before heading to an automated teller machine. Customers will complete their transaction at the ATM, where they will enter their PIN and a one-time code generated by the smartphone app.

Wells Fargo said its “virtual card” service will be available in the late third quarter or early fourth quarter of 2016. Wells Fargo customers will still have the option of using plastic cards at the ATMs.